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IT Advisory Services
CIO Advisory Services in IT business systems integration

Why Use Us

Despite its ubiquity and critical role in today’s business, IT in most organizations remains a “black box” that executives are suspicious of and harbor serious doubt about its value relative to its cost to their business. Competent and motivated IT staff are too often frustrated by the lack of engagement in IT by their business peers and the slow adoption of their products by the “business”. The result: the proverbial conundrum of “business and IT alignment”!

IT is challenging to get right and expensive to get wrong, not only in terms of dollars spent, but also in lost efficiency, organizational morale, and in some cases regulatory infringements. This is especially true when IT is no longer a necessity, but a strategic imperative in world increasingly driven by information and where technology advances at a rapid pace.

We help you bridge the gap between IT investments/resources and business value.

The right technology, deployed, implemented, and managed properly, can lead to significant gains in efficiency and growth. We help you focus on the business impact of technology rather than technology acquisitions and implementations. Our advice is independent of hardware and software trends and geared to the specific needs of our clients. We help you explore thoroughly the important areas that lead to sound business decisions about technology:
  • The business vision and the technology roadmap to help you achieve it
  • Suitability of the current systems and IT vendor relationships to serve your needs
  • The IT solutions that are best suited to your operating needs and budget
  • The road map for specifying, procuring, implementing, and supporting the technology you need
  • The caliber of your IT organization and whether your IT department is organized to function effectively